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Amicus And Friend Of The Court Brief. (Danziger and Federal Court) I Have Taken On The Pope And The Catholic Church.
Jill, My Youger Sister, Did Not Deserve To Die At The Hands Of The Pope, The Catholic Church And Sex Offenders For Money.
FBI Special Agent Rayes Has Been Harassing And Stalking Me Since October 14th, 2010. Background And Map Of The Incident.
Orleans DA Drops Case Against David Christenson. Charges Were Never Brought Or Filed.
Bail Order And Conditions Of Bail. ILLEGAL!!! (I am sorry for the document being marked up.)

Non-Domestic Stay Away Order. ILLEGAL!!! (I am sorry for the document being marked up.)
President Obama, Senators Vitter And Landrieu, Governor Jindal, Representative Richmond, Etc. Knew About The "Crimes Against Humanity", The "Genocide" And The "Murder". All Documented In Federal And State Courts. Mailed, Faxed And Emailed.
Billy Gibbens

Louisiana Cyberstalking Law
Docket Master 
Orleans Parish Criminal Court Emergency Writ/Appeal
Louisiana Arrest Warrent (Not Federal)
Louisiana Search Warrant (Not Federal)
Department of Defense DD-214 and Military ID
The Murder of Coast Guard Commander William Goetzee
Army General Russel Honore Court Document In Danziger Bridge Case
US Supreme Court Emergency Writ/Appeal Danziger Bridge Case
Danziger Bridge Suicide. NOPD Officer's wife connected to three deaths. Was he murdered?
Letter to Chief Judge John Roberts. I could not invent this.
Supreme Court "Emergency". Manipulation of the Federal Judiciary
District Attorney Cannizzarro Criminal Enterprise/Cover-Up 1
District Attorney Cannizzarro Criminal Enterprise/Cover-Up 2
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