How to Maintain a Healthy Diet with Raw Food

How to Maintain a Healthy Diet with Raw Food

Are you looking for healthy eating with raw food? These days uncooked food has become famous for some of the good reasons. Many of these are mentioned in the article. Raw food is known as vegetarian food in an unbaked form; it is cooked or baked with 48 celsius about 120 degrees Fahrenheit. We can divide raw food into four types like fruits and vegetables, dry bread and fruits, all kinds of sprouts and fermented foods containing friendly germs. This article will explain how to take uncooked food for to maintain a healthy diet of raw food.

This is known to everyone that since 1500 BC, most well-known personalities took uncooked food, like the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci, Russo, famous writer Leo Tolstoy, Russo, Hippocrates and many other personalities. Presently, many people follow their food diet habits and are consuming raw food as a healthy and best way to keep up healthy life and are maintaining good appearance additionally.

Important side effects of raw food

The most necessary negative effect of eating uncooked food is that it does not maintain equalized body weight as overweight create problems like blood pressure cardiac problems and heart-related diseases, we will be benefited through the following case and we can maintain our normal weight with better immunity system, higher energy, better sleep at night, good digestive system, keeping away from skin diseases and low fat in blood level keeps a person live longer. One most necessary element is taking exact quantity and mixture of foods without blending wrong kinds of foods. However, it is necessary to evade blend of sweet fruits and sour fruits, vegetables and fruits and fruits and fats. The main reason not to do so is that every foodstuff we take is digested with the help of different enzymes. Mixing of foods could result in swollen stomach, unpleasant feeling of heavy stomach and longing to take a short sleep after consuming and likes to feel energetic and lively.

Consuming raw foods can mold your life in a better way.

I think, until this point you are aware of the information of consuming raw foods and how it could mold your life in a better way. Very few and quick tips are given to you to follow your diet and how to change the previous food diet.

  • Instead of eating outside food try to add uncooked foods to your meals or diet.
  • Consume only fresh Juices squeezed from natural fruits mainly green juice extracted from stalks of vegetables, green leaves, and cucumber. Try to add a little ginger and also ¼ of lemon to juices.
  • Start your lunch and dinner with a salad of fresh vegetables. You can add nuts and seeds to it.
  • Make the habit of eating almonds, nuts, seeds and snacks and also some fruits.
  • Try to delete processed food from your diet and make a start of 20% raw and 80% cooked food and slowly change the percentage in foods.

Make note that when you are consuming only raw food, your body will start to clean all impurities and it can go with bad breathe gases etc. It is normal and an indication that your body is getting closer with one step to a healthy and clean state.

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