Obtaining Phoenix Arizona Municipal Court Records

Obtaining Phoenix Arizona Municipal Court Records

There are a multitude of reasons someone may need to obtain official copies of court documents from the Phoenix Municipal Court. Though the court is one of the largest and busiest court offices in the country, you can simply retrieve the documents you need. Research the specifics of the proceeding related to your documents and follow these steps to retrieve court records from Maricopa County (Phoenix, Arizona.)

Your request will be more easily handled by the court if you are equipped with the details of the case(s). You should also have with you certain details of the documents you are seeking. Details necessary to retrieve your records include: the case number, the names of the all parties involved in the case, the date of the document filing, and the precise number of pages you are requesting.

You can have the records sent via several methods of delivery. For a personal appearance, show up at the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court at 601 West Jackson Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. The court will be closed on state and Federal holidays.

To make your request by phone, call (602) 506-3360 and provide the aforementioned details of the records. The fees associated with your request are charged by the page; 50 cents per page. Certified copies of the document will cost an additional $26 for the whole of your request plus an additional $7 for shipping and handling. Payment for phone requests will be have to be tendered before the copies are sent. You can use a major credit card or sent a certified check or money order to the clerk’s office.

If you choose to make your request for records via fax, send a fax request to the Clerk of Courts at (602) 506-7619. Include in your fax the details of the documents you are seeking along with a return fax number. Faxed requests are charged a handling fee of $7 fax fee plus 50 cents per page. Include credit card information for payment on the fax or reference a specific payment that will have to be sent to the clerk before the records are returned by fax.

To obtain the records by mail, send a request to: Correspondence Section; Clerk of the Superior Court, 601 West Jackson, Phoenix, Arizona 850063. Fees for mailed requests are consistent with those fees associated with a phone request.

If you are unable to provide the necessary details for the documents you are seeking, a research fee in the amount of $26 will be applied. The fee is assessed for each year the court has to review in search for your requested court records.

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